Megan Kirk

Hi, my name is Megan and I am onto my third year now studying makeup artistry. I have had a passion for makeup for many years and it grew through watching YouTube videos and practising looks on myself. I enjoy natural and full glam looks the most when it comes to makeup. From a fluffy, natural brow to a full coverage, Smokey eye, it excites me. In the future I aspire to do makeup for big events such as weddings, birthdays and other occasions. Freelancing is most likely what I will be doing which means finding jobs and opportunities myself, being my own boss and it requires good time management skills as well. I am also keen on hair which is a very important skill to have as a makeup artist as you can offer more services. I started my makeup career a couple years ago now with freelance, doing makeup for friends and posting on my Instagram to grow more of a following. Once I grew more of a following on my social media more people knew about me and I did a few makeup looks for girls for prom. I now still do freelancing for usually glam makeup looks for clients as well as ,recently, a photo shoot in Glasgow, which I enjoyed tremendously.

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Smokey Eye