Kelsi Hood

Hi I’m Kelsi Hood and 21 years old. I’m currently studying HND Makeup Artistry. I’ve been studying makeup for nearly 4 years now, I started off in beauty therapy which had a small unit in essential makeup. I thought beauty therapy was where I wanted to be, I always played about with makeup through school so I knew I had it in me to do so, it wasn’t until a previous lecturer of mine told me to go into the makeup world as she knew it was the right path for me. I was never confident in myself to do so but I knew this was now my chance to jump into the deep end, that’s when I knew I wanted to study makeup and only makeup where I then took off my journey in the makeup artistry course. I knew something with art would always be my path as I loved to create crazy looks, that is why Halloween is my favourite tine of the year as I get to experiment my favourite side of the course with special effects and body painting. In the future I like to see myself in the film and tv industry doing what I love to do. 

While working a part time job and doing college I still like to expand my work with taking on makeup clients throughout the year. I’m excited for this year ahead to expand my knowledge in the makeup department and gaining more strengths in my work.

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