Jade Robertson 

My name is Jade Robertson and I am an trainee makeup artists from Irvine, North Ayrshire. I’ve been studying beauty and makeup at Ayrshire College all the way from level 4 to now studying my HND but I’ve been experimenting with makeup since I was 12 years old. I have always had a love for makeup, I was never really good at art so I find makeup as a way to show my creative side. Makeup makes me feel beautiful and I love making clients feel the same when doing their makeup. I enjoy playing with colour, different techniques and products to create looks using different products for different things. My favourite look to create at the moment would be a brown smokey eye with some half lashes, some bronzed,  glowing skin with colour on the cheeks and a nude satin lip, natural looking eyebrows and no highlighter, letting the skins glow act as a highlighter. After graduating I hope to gain the confidence and experience to become a makeup artist and help make people feel special on a special day by painting their face.

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