Ayrshire College Make-up

Welcome to ACMU! We have created this website to showcase the amazing talent of our HND Makeup Artistry Students From Ayrshire College. You will see every kind of makeup from natural day makeup to body painting to SFX makeup. Enjoy scrolling through our wonderful student's pages to see their fantastic talent.
At ACMU we can do it all!


Some of the areas of makeup we specialise in

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Olivia 19.png
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Kelsi 12.jpg
holly 10_edited.jpg

Fashion, Fantasy and Avant Garde Makeup

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Danielle 15.jpg
Caitlin 11.png
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Alyssa 4.png
Alyssa 16.png

Prosthetic and SPFX Makeup

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Megan 21.jpg
Mhairi 26.png
Olivia 9.png

Character and Body Painting Makeup